Can-cer-vive Recovery & Prevention Services

I decided to specialize in Cancer Prevention and Recovery due to my own cancer experience and the knowledge I have gained over the years. I'm learning new information every day that I want to share with you, and that is why I created "Can-cer-vive" sessions.
Cancer is a multifaceted disease with many contributing factors. Proper food choices combined with stress reduction, supplementation, and having a sound knowledge of environmental factors, must all be considered before true healing can occur.

All About Nutrition: 90 minutes:

Nutrition builds a strong immune system which is your army for beating cancer and all diseases. Learn about the foods that can help or hinder your recovery. Find out why organic foods are superior in nutrients and needed for your healing path. Learn how to prepare quick, nutritious, whole food recipes. You will receive a daily menu, recipes, and other important information. Your health history will also be included in this appointment and a Can-cer-vive "Risk Reduction" checklist will be provided.

Supplementation: 90 minutes:

Supplementation is an important part of cancer recovery. Find out the beneficial supplements for your particular cancer and situation. I will take into consideration your current treatments and health history assessment which is included in the first appointment, "All About Nutrition". Find out how to test your pH levels and learn about the Basil Body Temperature test. We will also go over any questions or concerns from the first appointment, and I will re-evaluate your dietary and risk reduction changes.  

The Environment: 60 minutes:

Lessen the toxic environment you live in, including your day- to- day habits. Learn about dental health, the safest water systems, how to cleanse the body at a cellular and external level, and an easy gentle exercise routine. Find out about toxins in the home and greener solutions for a healthy environment. We will go over the results from the PH and Basil Body Temperature testing and an update on your dietary and risk reduction changes.  

Mind & Body Connection: 60 minutes:

Your mind and body are connected at a cellular level. Every thought whether good or bad will impact your recovery. Learn important tools such as visualization, deep breathing, affirmations, and specific therapies such as massage, energy therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis, and laughter yoga that will heal your mind and body.
Cancer Recovery Price
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $125
45 minute phone follow-up $50


Nutrition is the key to a healthy immune system, our front line defence against disease and premature aging. Now more than ever we need to make sure we are consuming optimal amounts of nutrients to help fight off the toxic environment we live in.

Everyone is biochemically unique with different nutritional requirements. As a Certified Nutritionist I help my clients discover their individuality and help them achieve a balanced body, mind and spirit: the recipe for wellness. Here are a few of the imbalances & diseases my Nutritional and Lifestyle program can help with: Cancer
Weight Management
Digestive Disorders
Adrenal Fatigue
Food sensitivities
Hormonal imbalances
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Cardio Vascular Disease

Quick fixes sometimes mask underlining causes and my target is to get to the root of the problem before it manifests into other conditions. My clients are educated and empowered so they make informed decisions pertinent to their particular health concerns, while they take an active role in their own healing. The wonderful thing about healing is that it's not selective. When one condition is healed, all conditions are healed!

Nutrition & Lifestyle:

With your personalized program, we will get to the root of your health issues and within a few months, (it takes approximately 2 months to break old habits) we will build a healthier and happier you! This nutrition and lifestyle program is offered in person, through Skype, or phone.
Before the first visit: Prior to your first visit, you will receive a five a 5-day food diary, and a very extensive questionnaire that needs to be completed in order to determine nutritional imbalances such as deficiencies or excesses.  

 1st Assessment 90 minutes: This is when we discuss your main concerns and goals. This first visit is to gather information so I may design your individual nutrition and lifestyle plan. I will also give you sound nutritional advice and concepts that you can apply immediately.  

2nd Contributing Factors 60 minutes: You will receive a personalized report explaining the contributing factors with your current health concerns and the following information presented to you:  

Beneficial foods & foods to avoid.
Nutritional supplementation program.
Lifestyle recommendations.
Handouts with other nutritional related information.
I will explain in detail everything that I am recommending and I will make sure you have all the tools to get started on your plan to improved health right away!

Follow Up 45 minutes: I will discuss your progress, make updates to your plan, and continue with your nutritional education.  

Additional Services: Meal Plan with Recipes: $125
I will design an individual meal plan specifically with your health concerns and needs with recipes that are easy to follow and easy to prepare.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Price
90 minutes $120
60 minutes $ 85
45 minutes $ 50

Personalized Packages:

The Grocery Store Tour: 90 minutes: $125
Let’s go shopping for delicious, fresh, wholesome foods while learning how to use them in your everyday menus. I will explain what to look for when reading packaged food labels, even organic processed foods can have unhealthy additives! After the tour you will be able to go home and prepare an easy delicious, nutritious dish, (recipes) included.

Pantry Cleanup: 90 minutes: $125
Let’s clean out those cupboards and replace the unhealthy tempting items with healthy delicious real food! I will show you how to replace some of your old favorites with healthier choices. The Pantry clean up includes recipes for main courses and healthy snack options.

The Whole Meal Deal: $250
Spend a half day with Susan. First we’ll do the pantry cleanup followed by the grocery store tour. Then back to your home to prepare an easy delicious meal that your family and friends will love.

Susan Morton

Holistic Nutritionist, Cancer Practitioner

Please email me for a Free 15 min consultation or to book an appointment thecancerpractitioner@gmail.com

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